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BURNOUT OR ADRENAL BURNOUT. Alarm stage of stress. Exhaustion stage of stress represented in photo. Burnout represents an adaptation to stress. Illness is an adaptation to stress and serves as a signal that warns us to slow down. When one goes into burnout, major changes in ones' lifestyle must occur to recover....otherwise additional diseases will occur. Hans Selye pointed out ' continued stress has a deleterious effect on the body. It matters little what the stress is; the body reacts to all with a general adaptation syndrome.' These are Phase 1. Alarm reaction – acute stress makes the body pour out adrenal hormones which mobilizes the body's energy to meet it. If this is a physical stress, the alarm reaction will become an inflammatory process. If the reaction is successful and overcomes the injury and removes the stress, the body will quiet down and return to balance...if not then begins Phase 2 The stage of adaptation - the body now attempts to adapt to the stress. This involves anti-inflammatory hormones – taking energy as well from the body in this process. This phase can go on a long time but the body eventually weakens. Phase 3 The stage of exhaustion. This is where the body no longer has the energy to contain the stress and beings to break chronic fatigue etc. The ability of the body to mobilize energy is not unlimited. Our endocrine glands become overworked and eventually fail to keep up the required energy levels we demand. We turn to overeating which can result in obesity, then we try exercise to get off the weight, which results in an ever diminished reserve of energy. Fatigue can give birth to negative emotions.. unable to stand up for our rights, become hostile, frustrated, depressed, apathetic....without adequate energy levels a person can go into a give-up stage. Most people are unaware that these bouts of elation and then depression are related to an underlying condition of chronic fatigue. Source ARL labs. They give examples of famous burnout cases...Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe...what modern day people can you think of? Anyone surviving on caffeine sugar drugs alcohol, lots of sex, problems, anger

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