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Healing Reaction and Retracing

Healing Reactions and Retracing

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retracing in an audio by Dr Wilson. 

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These are temporary symptoms that occur as the body heals at deep levels.  The symptoms may be physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual or religious in nature.  We define a spiritual healing reaction as one in which a person is forced to re-examine his or her beliefs about life or other deep issues.  The result is usually a more integrated and healthier personality.

Healing reactions occasionally occur with conventional medical care, and may be calledJarisch-Herxheimer reactions or just Herxheimer reactions.  These are discussed later in this article.

Healing reactions are welcome signs of healing.  In fact, if they fail to occur, one knows that a healing method offers symptomatic relief, but the correction of disease is not at the deepest levels.

Most healing reactions are mild and brief.  One may not even notice them.  At times, however, they are annoying and unpleasant.  Very rarely, they are dangerous.

Other words.  Other words for healing reactions used in the medical literature are: flare-ups, healing crises, Herxheimer reactions, aggravations, purification reactions, retracing reactions, catharsis, and exacerbations.  These all mean the same thing and may be used interchangeably in this article.


Retracing. Retracing is an unusual process by which the body thoroughly heals an illness or trauma that was incompletely healed in the past.  It usually requires:

- excellent nutrition

- an increase in the vitality of the body

- a more yang condition of the body

- perhaps other favorable conditions such as adequate rest.


Poorly understood.  Retracing is not well known or well understood because it rarely occurs with conventional medical methods or with most holistic or natural healing methods.






They only occur with certain deep healing methods.  Retracing and healing reactions usually do not occur with standard medical or most holistic healing methods.  They occur very commonly during nutritional balancing programs. 

All symptoms during a nutritional balancing program are healing reactions, providing a person follows the program correctly.  This is a rather extreme statement, but it is our experience.

Chronic to acute.  During retracing, illnesses and other traumas move from a chronic state to an acute state before they are eliminated completely.  Chronic means that a health condition does not kill the person, but the person also cannot overcome the condition.  It is a stalemate. 

As the energy level in the body improves, chronic conditions turn acute because the body now actively fights to overcome a poorly healed infection or something else.

A return to the past.  Part of retracing is often a return to a time in the past when the original trauma or illness began or occurred.  This can feel unusual, because one may feel partly like an adult, yet at the same time one may experience feelings like that of a child, for example, if the original illness or trauma took place in childhood.

Everyone has unhealed or only partially healed conditions.  There are no exceptions, even if you have no symptoms.

Very precise.  Often, the symptoms of retracing are exactly the same as symptoms that occurred with the original condition or trauma.

Occurs in its own order.  Retracing does not occur in a particular sequence, such as moving backwards chronologically.  Instead, the body decides the order in which illnesses or conditions will retrace.  This may have to do with one’s nutrition and other factors.

Occurs in its own timing.  Retracing does not occur on a set schedule.  It can occur during a nutritional balancing program at any time.  Often, retracing occurs when one is feeling well because this usually means that one’s energy level is higher, and more adaptive energy is needed for retracing.

Can be scary.  As a rule, retracing is a very benign process.  The body will not begin it unless it can complete it safely.  However, it often arises suddenly, and it can be vigorous, at times.  Also, one’s friends, family members and doctors do not understand it, so they tend to scare you more. 

To repeat, all reactions during nutritional balancing programs are healing reactions or retracing, in our experience, provided you are following the program correctly. 

However, please contact your practitioner if you have symptoms, because they can also be due to other causes, such as a need for an updated program or some error in the way you are following the program.






1. Removal of an infection. Most adults have at least two dozen chronic infections.

Common locations are the sinuses, ears, eyes, teeth, gums, throat, skin, bronchials, lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, and colon.  Even young children and babies have a number of infections.  They may be present at birth, or may occur shortly after birth.

Retracing and thoroughly healing them involves several steps:

1. The situation changes from being chronic to acute.  Chronic infections are those the body cannot fight off.  Instead, the infection remains controlled, and may cause few or no symptoms.

When an old infection becomes acute, it means the body is now able to actively fight the infection.  This often causes a flare-up of symptoms such as pain, inflammation, or swelling.

2. The body then completely eliminates the infection from the body.  This may occur quickly, within hours, or it may take days, weeks or months.

Some infections will flare up, then symptoms will go away for a while.  However, the process may repeat itself with another flare up for a while.  This may occur a number of times until the entire infection is healed.  The author experienced this with ear infections, for example.

Types of organisms involved.  Retracing of infections can involve bacteria, viri, fungi, and/or parasites.  At times, they involve a combination of micro-organims.  Here are some notes about each.

Bacteria.  Antibiotic therapy kills most bacteria, but it does not heal the body tissues.  As a result, some infections remain and fester in a chronic way.  Some antibiotic residues also remain in the body for years, altering the normal intestinal flora and causing many other problems.

For these reasons, please take antibiotics only as a last resort.  Natural products are usually effective.  For more, please read Beyond Antibiotics on this site.

Viruses.  Many chronic infections are viral.  As the body’s vitality improves, they retrace and disappear.  They can include herpes and other sexually-transmitted diseases.

Parasites. There are over 300 species of parasites, and infection is very common everywhere in the world.  Liver flukes, for example, are especially widespread.  However, they are often not easy to detect, even with stool exams and other methods.

Many of our clients report seeing dead parasites in the toilet during a nutritional balancing program.

No drugs, herbs or other anti-parasitic remedies are needed to remove parasites with a nutritional balancing program.  The program alone will slowly kill all types of parasites.  All of the parasite remedies are mildly or quite toxic, so it is best to avoid them all.  For details, read Parasites.

Fungal infections.  These are usually “cold” or yin infections, and are also extremely common.  Most women have too much yeast in the body, and sinus infections are often fungal.  Many are due to a copper imbalance.  A nutritional balancing program will heal them, and remedies are rarely required.  For details, read Chronic Yeast Infections.


2. Removal of a toxic metal.  Today, everyone has lots of toxic metals in their body.  Children are born with them, and they are in the air, water, food and items we touch every day.

Three dozen toxic metals will come out of the body using a nutritional balancing program.  They will come out in the body’s own order and its own timing.

Toxic metals are usually in compounds or molecules.  Some of these are more difficult for the body to eliminate than others.  One metal may come out for a few months.  Then, another one may come out.  Then the previous metal may come out again for another few months, perhaps in a different compound.  So the process of removing them is lengthy and complex.  

Repeated hair testing sometimes reveals the process, but there are metals that are not tested, and the metals are removed by many routes – the colon, the skin, the liver, and the lungs.  Fortunately, we don’t need to know which are coming out to adjust the nutritional balancing program.  For details, read Toxic Metals.


3. Removal of a toxic chemical. Many people have been exposed to solvents, pesticides, paints, and other toxic chemicals.  Some are aware of the exposure, but most people have little memory of the incident.

Symptoms that occur as the chemicals are eliminated may include strange odors, odd tastes, rashes, liver or kidney pain, diarrhea, constipation, or other symptoms.

These chemicals are acquired in utero, or afterwards from food, water, air or from contact with many household and industrial products.  For details, read Toxic Chemicals.

4. Removal of bad quality tissue.  A common one is intestinal lining.  Clients occasionally think that a piece of twisted intestinal lining in the toilet is a parasite.

Removal of toxic tissue occasionally causes weight loss that worries our clients.  I assure them that it is best to get rid of the toxic weight, and they will gain weight back when the elimination is over.


5. Removal of mental or emotional “toxins” and traumas.  Most people have experienced traumas of a mental or emotional type.  These may be brought to consciousness for processing and removal.  It is an amazing aspect of a nutritional balancing program. 

The ability to remove mental and emotional blocks is due to better mental clarity, and improvements in memory and vitality.  Also, the removal of toxic metals can sometimes free one of long-held emotions such as anger or fear.

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