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Dr Paul C Eck,Analytical Research Labs

Hair Mineral Analysis according to the science of Dr Eck


Every mineral has an effect on every other mineral.  It is scientifically impossible to change the level of even one mineral, without simultaneously affecting the levels of ALL other minerals

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An interview with Dr Paul Eck on kindle

Dr. Paul C. Eck was a brilliant clinician, physician and biochemist and spent most of his adult life evaluating major research studies in biochemistry, physiology, pathology, nutrition and psychology.


To correctly interpret a tissue mineral analysis, Dr. Eck combined a number of modern biological, physiological and biochemical concepts including the stages of stress discovered by Dr. Hans Selye, sympathetic and parasympathetic balancing as taught by Dr. Melvin Page, oxidation types as taught by Dr. George Watson and mineral balancing as taught by Dr. William Albrecht and others. set up Analytical Reserach Laboratories, Arizona, USA (ARL) in 1974 after devoting most of his adult life to evaluating.  No other laboratory uses all these concepts to help understand the significance of tissue mineral levels, ratios and metabolic patterns Dr. Eck pioneered many innovations in the study of trace mineral deficiencies and excesses and their relationship to various metabolic dysfunctions associated with disease. Dr. Eck was regarded as an authority on the science of balancing body chemistry through hair tissue mineral analysis.

Under Dr. Eck's direction:

ARL was the first laboratory to integrate the factors of stress, oxidation types, mineral relationships, homeostatic states and natural healing principles into the science of hair tissue mineral analysis interpretation.

ARL was the first hair tissue mineral analysis laboratory to recognize the importance of hair mineral ratios. As a result, our interpretations focus on mineral relationships and their effects on health.

ARL was the first laboratory to determine oxidation rates using hair tissue mineral analysis.

ARL was the first laboratory to identify and correlate more than 30 metabolic trends for illnesses using hair tissue mineral analysis.

ARL was the first laboratory to produce interpretations that measure mineral levels and ratios against an ideal standard of health rather than an average range used by other laboratories within the field of hair tissue mineral analysis.

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