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PART 2 ......"Adrenal type allergies

PART 2 ......"Adrenal type allergies Hyperactive adrenal glands can also contribute to histadelic (excess histamine) type allergies. The chronic increased adrenal activity results in a loss of minerals - minerasl which normally neutralize excess histamines. Trying to replace these lost minerals wihtout correcting the cause of the abnormal adrenal activity, results only in prolonged symptomatic treatment without lasting results. Also, taking adrenal substances - adrenal cortical extracts etc may actually result in a 'flare-up' of the allergy. Thymus type Due to the antagonism of these two endocrine glands, overactivity of the thymus can inhibit normal adrenal response. Although the thymus is involved in the immune response, if overactive, it suppresses normal adrenal response and reduces the body's ability to react to stressful stimuli. Thymus supplementation would prove to be deleterious for this type of allergy by suppressing the adrenal activity even further. Likewise thymus involution or underactive thymus contributes to a histamine-type allergy due to an associated adrenal hyperactivity. Hypoglycemic Type A low blood sugar related allergy may come and go due to intermittent changes in the glucose levels of the body brought on by physical or emotional stress. Foods due to their mineral content may product an adverse reaction in an individual experiencing a mineral ratio imbalance or excess. For instance, we know that copper has a suppressive effect on the thyroid and adrenal glands and that a high fat content in foods lowers one's metabolism and oxidation rates. Therefore, it is not surprising that avocados which have a high copper and fat content may produce an allergic reaction in an individual who has an adrenal insufficiency, low thyroid or pituitary malfunction (all conditions which indicate an already elevated tissue copper level). "

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