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The Nutritional Balancing Diet Program

Nutritional Balancing Diet

"It's a myth that fruit is packed full of vitamins and minerals," says Tom Sanders, who is director of the Nutritional Sciences Division at King's College London. "... The really sad thing is that we don't eat enough vegetables, such as cabbage...' 

"In the absence of minerals, vitamins have no function. Lacking vitamins, the system can make use of the minerals, but lacking minerals vitamins are useless." - Dr. Charles Northern, researcher and MD

Remineralisation of the Body

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To most people, healing means getting rid of your symptoms.  Once that is done, you are healed and there is no need for more effort or therapy of any kind.

Nutritional balancing is quite different, in that we find a person can continue to become healthier and healthier with a nutritional balancing regimen.  What occurs is that more and more toxic metals and toxic chemicals come out of the body.

One develops more energy, gets sick less often, requires a little less sleep, thinks more clearly, and often looks younger, as well.  This builds a foundation of better health for the rest of one’s lifetime.  Balancing the body and treating the body as a whole system with many layers of adaptations to peel off (the body adapts to illnesses and stress whether it's nutrient or toxic metal or otherwise in an attempt to survive) will cause a deeper healing and greater vitality and thats a primary goal of Nutritional Balancing.

Continuous healing, or healing beyond symptom removal, is not part of conventional medical care, so it is not well known.  However, a very similar idea is discussed in some books about wellness, such as High Level Wellness by Donald B. Ardell.  In the wellness concept, health is not just an absence of symptoms.  Health is defined as a high level of resistance to all disease.  Wellness authors do not know how to achieve this, as a rule, but they have the right idea.

Taking our supplements helps the body along to balance out while a person fixes their diet and derives their nutrients from food and water which is the best way to get them because diet is fundamental to energy and their are many nutrients in food not even yet discovered that are vital to life.  Varous methods of detoxification are encouraged to speed up the process of healing.  We find that with using hair mineral analysis to determine what is going on with the whole body as well as the parts, including thyroid, adrenal, liver and kidney function, metabolic rate, toxicities, mineral levels and their ratios we can use the right diet and supplements to move a person into a better state of health by increasing the energy in their cells.   By supporting the major organs as well as delivering specially designed supplements that combine the right vitamins and minerals in a particular ratio, the oxidation rate (metabolism) will improve and the body will be functioning using the right minerals not the toxic metals that have commonly in this age, replaced them.  By using yang methods in the diet (warm, contracted in chinese terminology) and detox we move the body from the yin state (cold, expanded, watery) where modern diseases abound to a more yang state which is healthier. 

The Nutritional Balancing Diet is a vital component of the programme.  The reason for this is that the diet goes further than any other diet in addressing the mineral depletion of most people on this planet.   It goes without saying that some bodies are more resilient than others. However, with  more and more toxic metals being spewed into the environment (see information about toxic metals here) as well as the thousands of chemicals used everywhere, depleted soils being over-used, stressful lifestyles using up our body's mineral stores and fast foods void of nutrients, a new mineral rich diet is needed to reverse the increasing general degeneration of health and provide the building blocks for remineralizing the body.  Nutritional information on the internet does not always cover the way food should be cooked or why a certain food is good for you.  Getting the diet right is the first step to getting a nutritional balance to nourish the body.  

So what is the Nutritional Balancing Diet or Meal Plan? 

With every hair mineral analysis test and program you get a full diet plan listing foods that are recommended and foods that are to be avoided. 

In general terms, the diet consists of about 70% cooked not raw vegetables, some meat, blue corn, sardines (not other fish), some grains that are tolerated, no fruit or juices apart from some carrot and wheatgrass juice.   Spring water is a whole food and we prefer this as well.   Only one cup of tea or coffee per day of any sort - but preferably none.   There are more specfics depending on whether you are a slow or fast oxidiser. 

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