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Nutrition during pregnancy prenatal care

Taken from an artile by Dr L Wilson

So far, after about 200 pregnancies, a complete nutritional balancing program without sauna therapy has been very safe and very beneficial during pregnancy and lactation.


            Having amazing children.  So far, we find that if young women will do what is described below, they will find themselves having by some of the most amazing children imaginable.  That is not conjecture, but just my experience.

              At the same time, the general health of most young women is getting worse.  This means that if young women do not change their ways and take better care of themselves, the chances of having a defective child are high.  Please know this to be the truth, though few will talk about it.


1. Healthy children depend mainly on the health of the mother, and to some degree on the health of the father.  This fact is well known among animal breeders.  It is the truth.  It means that if the mother is poorly nourished or toxic, the baby will be the same.  This opens the baby up to genetic defects, autism, ADD, ADHD, delayed development, infections and more.

2. Almost everyone today is toxic and depleted.  This is true even if you eat a good diet and you feel well.  My experience is that basically all young mothers-to-be are malnourished and toxic today.  This is due to a poor quality food supply, improper diet, stress, poor eating habits, use of medical drugs and other reasons.  For more on this critical topic, read the article entitled Everyone Is Toxic And Depleted.

            3. Get started with prenatal care now, even if you are a teenager reading this article.  You will not become healthy, by our standards, in a month or even in a year or more.  It takes time to build up one’s body chemistry, to balance the body and remove hundreds of toxic substances from the body.


            4. All toxins are bad for your health, bar none.  Therefore, an important principle to improve your health and reduce toxicity is to do your best to avoid all toxic substances that you may breathe, touch, eat, or drink. 




              Upgrade your diet.  It is worth it.  Begin by eliminating all products made with bleached white flour, white sugar, and corn syrup.  This alone is a big step for many people.  Get rid of all junk like processed meats, processed cheeses, candy, cookies, most ice cream, pastries, donuts, most bagels, and most processed and packaged foods.


              Eat mostly fresh food, not canned or frozen.  Some frozen peas and frozen green beans are okay, however. 


              Eat 70% of your diet as cooked vegetables.  This means a lot of them.  Eat these at least twice a day or even three times a day.


              Eat all organically grown food to reduce your pesticide load and increase your nutrition.  Organically grown food was  shown in a 1993 study in the Journal of Applied Nutrition (45:1, pp. 35-39) to contain an average of more than twice the mineral content of regular supermarket food.  More and more markets are selling organic foods.


              Stay away from all vegetarian, vegan, and semi-vegetarian diets.  These simply will not nourish you well enough.  A recent study showed five times greater likelihood of the birth defect hypospadias in women who followed a vegetarian diet during pregnancy.  Eat animal flesh daily, and animal protein twice daily.  Eggs, soft-cooked only, are also very good.


              Try to eat some raw dairy products daily, unless you are allergic to it.  Raw cheese, for example, is good unless you do not tolerate dairy products, in which case I suggest avoiding them. 

              Pasteurized dairy is not as good.  However, stay far away from raw food diets.  Cook most food except some raw cheese or yogurt or milk, for the best absorption of nutrients.    


              Reduce or eliminate caffeine.  One cup of tea or even a small cup of regular coffee are fair, though not great.  Strictly avoid cappuccinos, lattes and expressos, which are too strong and irritate the body.


              Eliminate all wheat and spelt from your diet.  These are very hybridized foods that are irritating to the intestines, even 100% organic whole wheat.  Other whole grains are okay.  Blue corn is wonderful.


              If possible, drink only 10-12 ounces of carrot juice daily, with a few greens in it if you like.  Do not become a “juicer” and drink more.  It is much too yin and sugary.


              Avoid almost all fruit and have no fruit juices.  It is all too sugary and yin.  This is very important.


              Take nutritional supplements.  At the very least, use kelp, sea salt and perhaps nutritional yeast or rice polishings, and take a quality multiple vitamin-mineral.


              Everyone needs a digestive aid.  Take one preferably that has ox bile and pancreatin in it, not “vegetable enzymes”, which are okay, but not as good.  Take at least one tablet or capsule with each meal.


              Fitness and Lifestyle.  Birth is a physical process.  Do some gentle exercise daily such as walking.  Vigorous exercise is neither needed nor helpful in almost all cases.  Learn how to relax if this is difficult for you.  Get plenty of rest and sleep, and make the decision to love yourself more every day.  Do your best to make your home and work environments safe, quiet, happy and low-stress.


              Sexual behavior. Intelligent women don’t date in high school, and perhaps not in college either.  Stay a virgin, or as close to it as possible.  Dating with sex just gives you sexual transmitted diseases (STDs), and usually makes women so angry they are made sick by it.  Most are also raped at one time or another by the boyfriend or someone else.  Read about Rape on this website.


              Vaccines, flu shots and boosters. I strongly suggest you avoid all of these very strictly.  They are not necessary if you take care of your health.  Do not let doctors and others talk you into them.  More about this is discussed later in this article.


              Drugs.  Forego alcohol and recreational drugs.  Alcohol not only kills brain cells and destroys your peace of mind.  It depletes zinc and magnesium, two minerals often in short supply and critical for a healthy young baby.


              Medications. Avoid over-the-counter or prescription medications unless absolutely needed.  According to a 2009 report entitled Death By Medicine, modern drug medical care is now the leading cause of death in America.  Always try natural remedies first.  During pregnancy, or even if you remotely believe you are pregnant, be very careful with any drugs, and even herbs, even if prescribed by a doctor or naturopath.   They may not realize that it is not safe for mothers carrying developing children in their wombs.


            Use of cell phones and computers.  I suggest limiting your use of cell phones and computers.  There is research that these are harmful for pregnant women, but this information is not made widely available.  For more on this important topic, visit


              Toxic Chemicals.  Carefully throw away all toxic cleaning chemicals, insecticides, pesticides, toxic paints, and other poisons in your home and work space.  There are safe alternatives for most of these.  As much as possible, surround yourself with natural materials, use natural-fiber clothing, and make sure homes and work areas are well-ventilated.


              Embark on a nutritional balancing program..... In my view, don’t bother with other practitioners, as they do not offer the same program benefits, even if they are naturopaths or holistic doctors.
           The way you look or even feel is not a good enough guide to your real health.  Toxic metals, toxic chemicals and hidden infections are lurking in most everyone today.   Do this preferably before you become pregnant, although you can start a program while you are pregnant.  The “side effects” are that you will be stronger, smarter, better looking, sexier, and happier.

            Regular chiropractic care is also excellent to help improve your health.  The more healthy and balanced you become, the easier and safer pregnancy and birth will be.underway. 


Correcting nutritional imbalances can make a great difference for pregnancy and birth.  Animal breeders know this well.  Sadly, the public and many doctors do not understand this.  One reason is they are not familiar with tools such as tissue mineral analysis that can detect imbalances at the cellular level that can be corrected before pregnancy and birth complications arise.

            Very often one’s dietary intake of calcium, magnesium, selenium and zinc often don’t even meet the minimum government standards, which are barely enough to keep one alive!  The problem begins with inferior quality food.  Hybrid crops bred for production, color and flavor, but not nutrition, are grown on depleted soil and laced with pesticides and herbicides.  Calcium, in particular, is very important for young women.  However, there are few good sources.  Pasteurized and homogenized dairy products are not good sources.  One must look to certified raw dairy products and sources such as cooked green vegetables and 10-12 ounces of preferably fresh carrot juice daily to supply enough.


            When a person doesn’t ingest enough essential nutrients, the body absorbs more toxic metals from the environment.  Low zinc, manganese and vitamin C intake, for example, can cause an increase in copper. High copper is associated with problems of pregnancy such as morning sickness, pre-eclampsia, eclampsia and post-partum depression.  It also passes through the placenta and is associated with birth defects, ear infections and learning and developmental problems in children.

            Toxic metals include mercury used in dental fillings and as a preservative in vaccines and flu shots.  Cadmium is found in cigarette smoke, tap water and junk foods.  Lead is found in paints, dyes, and many other places.  All these are highly toxic to the unborn, and pass easily through the placenta from mother to child.

          Toxic chemicals are also found in household chemicals, cleaners, paints, tap water, building materials, even synthetic clothing and synthetic carpets.  Reducing your toxic load when you become pregnant is good, but rather late.  It takes many months or years to remove all the toxic chemicals from your body.  Sauna therapy, however, is one way to greatly speed up the process. 

            For example, cadmium found in cigarette smoke has a half-life of 27 years.  This means it takes 27 years for half of it to leave the body.  The time can be shortened with a nutritional balancing program.  However, the best time to start cleaning these out of your body is now.


Tissue mineral testing can detect other imbalances that are important to correct before becoming pregnant.  These include low thyroid and adrenal glandular activity, an impaired immune response, sugar and carbohydrate intolerance, hidden infections and impaired digestion.  Start fixing these now for a good pregnancy.

            Correcting these imbalances through diet, supplements and lifestyle changes can make pregnancy much safer and more pleasant.  It can also ease the birthing process and give a baby a much healthier start in life.


We recommend starting a nutritional balancing programme as soon as possible for anyone wishing to get pregnant or who is already pregnant. Go here to start...!

Success Story from Dr L Wilson's website:



"I pursued Nutritional Balancing for my hyperthyroidism which I was able to overcome in a few months. Yay!!! I continued with the program despite that because I still had adrenal fatigue and other problems.

Well, recently, I finally decided to totally cut out sugar from my diet, I'm such an addict, I just couldn't give it up. And lo and behold, now I'm pregnant! I had been trying to conceive 15 years earlier and when nothing happened, I just thought, I'll never conceive now, I'm getting old. So we never used birth control. Well, beware, nutritional balancing can reverse infertility, so if you're not planning to have any more kids, take the proper precautions. It was never in my plans to have a baby at 49 years old."

- S.K., California

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