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Can't Skip Meals? Get elated then depressed?

"Since chronic fatigue is probably the most common medical complaint today, it is little wonder that there is so little real satisfaction. Many persons are unaware of the low energetic state of their bodies. They move between states of elation and depression, unconscious of the relation of the psychic states to the underlying condition of chronic fatigue. The vital person has a well balanced and stable psychic equilibrium. " Alexander Lowen MD An individual is technically in burnout when their adrenal gland function becomes so impaired that they have lost their ability to cope with stress. Individuals in burnout, among other things, cannot assimilate their food, or nutrientspreoperly, or draw adequately on glycogen (sugar0 reserves in their liever. Therefore they suffer from constant cravings for high energy foods and or alcohol and from the suffocation of perpetual fatigue. Analytical Research Labs Inc In nutritional balancing we address the cause ans strength the glands and organs with the correct nutrients based on a hair mineral analysis test.

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