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Hair Mineral
Analysis Test

Hair Mineral Analysis Test

HAIR MINERAL ANALYSIS TEST  with a Nutritional AND Mineral Balancing Programme, Analysis, Hair Chart, Consultation

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Adult First Hair Analysis Test
bulk discount
1 adult and 2 children 
Retest Hair Mineral Analysis Test for existing clients
Child First
Hair Analysis Test
bulk discount 
2 adults 1 child
2 Adults and 2 Children


1 x HAIR MINERAL ANALYSIS TEST KIT AND FORMS with Analytical Research Laboratories ARL USA (your sample will be couriered to the US after you send it to the Edinburgh depot OR you can post it direct to the Lab in the USA.)

1 x ARL HAIR CHART showing the levels of 20 minerals and toxic metals plus the main mineral ratios.

1 x HAIR ANALYSIS UK HAIR CHART PLUS FULL ANALYSIS REPORT and NUTRITIONAL BALANCING RECOVERY PROGRAMME. Your results are explained in detail: 20 minerals and toxic metals tested, the ratios between them, one's metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends, stress patterns etc.  The mineral levels and their importance are outlined and any related excess or deficiency.  Also included is your diet, detox recommendations, symptoms analysis as it relates to the results on the chart and supplement protocol based on your personal body chemistry, sensitivity and symptoms.

CONSULTATION via skype or zoom for 45 mins with Cressida to go over the results (optional). Also includes FREE ONGOING EMAIL SUPPORT for any questions while on your programme.

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What happens next?

On receipt of payment please fill in the initial client intake form which is here or on the home page of this website.  Your test kit and forms will be emailed to you if you are outside the UK and posted if you are within the UK.  If you are outside the UK and wish to receive the hard copy forms then please email back and they will be posted.  Contact anytime for more help if needed.  

HAIR ANALYSIS CHART AND COMPUTERISED PROGRAMME £120 Simple hair analysis report and summary with computer generated supplement recommendations.  For full personal

PERSONAL INTERPRETATION OF PREVIOUS RESULTS FROM A DIFFERENT LAB TEI (Trace Elements Inc, Mineral Check) or other compatible lab results can be translated and analysed.  Includes full programme, diet, detox procedure and supplement recommendations. 

Dog and Cat hair test with programme and interpretation including supplement and diet recommendations. 

£30 -  30 mins Coaching Session on Skype or other means on general nutrition, diet, your current supplements, symptoms etc