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Allergies Part 1

Dr Eck and Dr Watts healthscope mag 1983. Part 1 An overview of abstracts concerning allergies imparts one with an almost overwhelming sense of confusion. the supposed causes of allergy are almost endless. indeed some individuals have been classiied as being totally allergic to food. in addition to food allergies numerous cases of ecological allergies are currently being reported. these include sensitivity to man made materials such as perfumes, synthetic fibers, plastics. etc the authors believe that instead of the overwhelming list of causative factors which are purportedly responsible for an allergic repsonse that there actually exist relatively few basic disturbances of body chemistyr and that these principally involve both macro and trace mineral deficiencies or perhaps a disturbance in the ratios of such. We have , as a result of our research, ascertained that the underlying cuase of 'allergies' is a metabolic disfunction associated with a disturbed mineral metabolism. Evidence indicates that our 'metabolic' approach is both simplistic and effective in preventing an allergic response to both food and man-made products. Our 'metabolic' approach consists of determining the underlying metabloic malfunction of each individual through a tissue mineral analysis of the hair and correcting those imbalances through specific nutritional supplementation. Types of Allergies 1. Histamine Type - Histadelic - this type of allergy is associated with an excess histamine production. The body's ability to neutralize these histamines is diminished becaues of various endocrine disorders and mineral deficiencies. This type of allergy usually responds symptomatically to antihistamines. However, by balancing the patient's specific mienral ratios and endocrine dysfunctions, the condition can be overcome permanently instead of beting treated for prolonged periods with anithistamine medication for symptomatic relief only...

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