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I cannot thank enough to my practitioner Cressida Elias . I was very skeptical about this program but this has changed my life. From being suicidal, anxious and depressed.I just wanted it to end. I went to so many doctors, naturopath, Ayurvedic doctors. I can’t explain what I didn’t do to take myself better but they only help so much and it really never got better. All those things only put a mask on the real problem. Then i found cressida, after being failed at everything i said it wouldn’t hurt to try and see how things goes. Also this was my last resort. It explained everything i had and i was feeling, i was so surprised a test can tell you about your thoughts and your characteristics. Its been almost 10 months now and i am off any medication, i have so much energy and i do not have anxiety and depression anymore. No blood test or any other test ever found anything wrong with me, every time i went I doctor i was disappointed to hear everything looks fine and results look okey its all in your head. I wish a lot of people were aware of this program which can actually save their lives. Supplements are expensive but they are worth every penny. 

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 BB, Australia

I was recommended to work with Cressida via a mutual friend of ours to help  my mother whom I have wanting to  help  for a long time and didn’t know how. My mother’s health has been heavily compromised for years! And to top it off she was recently diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s.

She is making slow but positive progress. It will take a long while as she has been unwell for a long time. In December she could not remember the year she was born and how old she was going to be and now she can answer the questions when asked straight away!


My gratitude goes out to both Dr. Wilson and Cressida but above all to Cressida who has been amazing from the outset. Cressida is highly knowledgeable , diligent and very professional in her approach. Cressida is not in it for the money which I have found with many practitioners etc. Cressida genuinely wants to help her clients regain optimal health. I would highly recommend working with her.

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I came across Dr Wilson's programme by chance really, after a Google search as I was suffering from hair loss due to the menopause and stress.  I initially found the changes quite difficult to implement, but I gave myself time and I had been inspired by a previous testimonial.  I felt determined to give it my best shot.  I feel the programme heals on many levels, and I have experienced an emotional release as part of this.  I have less brain fog, feel happier, my mood is more stable and I feel emotionally stronger, oh and my hair quality has improved and has stopped falling out. I love this programme, Cressida is really amazing, she is EXTREMELY patient, this is key for me because this programme can make you irritable and moody. She really understands how this all works and i trust her 100%. I had severe anemia and i have been 2 a medical doctor, a private doctor, 2 homeopaths and nothing handled me until Cressida got hold of me. The value for money is amazing, if you ask me it should be 3 times what is charged.

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HP, London 
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