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Case Studies Below

This is a 2nd test of a client who had a very high calcium on the first test.  The previous results are always marked below the current figures.  

Very generally we can see the stress coming off the body and a speeding up of the metabolism after a few months on the programme. 

Calcium down but still a 'shell' pattern.  Magnesium normally moves with calcium to keep a better ratio.  The sodium has dropped - less stress, less inflammation now more a true picture of the strength of the adrenals.  Potassium dropped to a more true level - we are seeing as well a stop down pattern - in the first 4 minerals showing the person is pushing ahead, determined, positive attitude but burning themselves out. 

The high manganese and a few others have dumped off and are starting to normalise.  Iron is very low - we know the adrenals are weak and are therefore storing iron causing inflammation and oxidative stress...

Nice drop in the na-k ratio showing less inflammation, pain, anger. 

...and much more...

The hair charts below are of one of our clients who came to us with extreme fatigue, aches, breathlessness, slightly high TSH, slightly high cholesterol and other imbalances that were not being addressed.  Each hair chart has a brief explanation to the side of it.  These hair charts spanned just a year and a half. This will be edited periodically...

Sept 2015

Clients symptoms were extreme fatigue, extreme hypoglycaemia and breathless on exertion.  Aches and pains, muscle weakness etc

This first hair chart shows a calcium level of 580 (normal is 40) which is called a calcium shell x 7  plus a very high magnesium.  These levels plus a very low sodium and potassium show extreme fatigue called extreme slow oxidation.  We can see a loss of calcium and magnesium from the body.  The high levels show a bionunavailability and the person is literally getting hardening of tissues - the body puts on the brakes to stop a person burning out their adrenals - the problem with this adaptation is calcification and a trend towards the modern 'incurable' 20th century diseases.  The low sodium and potassium are burnout indicators - acute stress and pushing too hard.  Selenium is too low and is needed for thyroid and we can see from the ratios under the chart the thyroid ration Ca:K is 290:1 instead of 4:1.  The adrenal ratio Na:Mg is extremely low at .5. 

Elevated levels of nickel and alumunium and poor levels of copper iron and manganese. 

March  2016

This second test shows a huge improvement in the calcium and magnesium levels.  The sodium and potassium settle down as well to what is more of a true picture of the state health.  Copper is starting to detox and this will lower phosphorous.  Nickel is going down, mercury is coming out, chromium and selenium are up.   The client reports feeling a general increase in stamina and an ability to confront issues and better sleep. 

The adrenal ratio went down further and so did the phosphorous and this was probably due to some toxic metal release we can see here. However there is some 'armoring up' or retention of the 'amigos' (iron, aluminium, manganese) and this indicates the body is getting ready for a detox or healing of some kind.  

June  2016

The calcium continues to fall as more calcium and magnesium is being used by the body - also thyroid is improving as we can see from the ca:k ratio (bottom left).  Na:k ratio or vitality ratio is up slightly and phosphorous indicating better digestion and protein systhesis but armoring up is still an issue and we can see why on the next test. 

November  2016

A good copper dump but not a bonanza one which can reach 40 or more.  A release of stored biounavaiable copper and the client reported several detox symptoms.  The adrenals took a knock to do this and so did phosphorous but this is a great result after only about 18 months.  Nickel has been coming down all this while and other metals have dumped off some as the energy of the body improves.  This client has still burnout indicators and many hidden copper indicators so we would expect to see more copper dumps in the future.

3. The following link is a study of a case of autism in a 3 year old boy.  This gives a lot of information regarding his hair analysis but worth reading how balancing his body eliminated his symtpoms Case Study Article

1. This is a great case study of an older gentleman who had various symptoms and was on the programme up to this point for 3 years.  The practitioner gives a commentary on his hair charts over this period.  During this period the client goes into a 4 lows pattern - calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium all go under the ideal level.  This is a deep healing pattern and very significant - not everyone necessarily gets this pattern but the body slows down and the adrenals and thyroid take a rest; healing old infections etc is occurring and the body is gearing up for toxic metal removal by conserving energy.   Dr Eck took 10 years to figure out how to dig someone out of the 4 lows.  It is now a great turning point for someone's health.  The last chart is a great break out for the client into much better vitality and release of tightly stored cadmium which could only be dislodged once the body had the energy.

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