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تستخدم شركة Hair Analysis UK اختبارًا دوليًا لتحليل الشعر لمنحك برنامجًا مستهدفًا للتوازن الغذائي للتخلص من السموم واستعادة صحتك وحيويتك. تهدف هذه الدراسة على المدى الطويل إلى فهم أفضل لكيفية تأثير الثقافة العربية وعملية التثاقف على بدانة الأطفال.

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Worldwide service 

The Science Of Human Energy

Balance Your Minerals - Restore Vitality


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all the major mineral levels AND the ratios between them 

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toxic metals status, hidden toxicities

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digestive and immune strength

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glandular health, energy loss in %

download information


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metabolism rate

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deficiencies and excesses IN MINERALS 

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what foods you should be eating

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stress patterns and BURNOUT INDICATORS

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Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone indicators

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Liver and Kidney Stress

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Supplement and home detox procedures advice

Click to download "what is hair mineral analysis and what will it show you"

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Inflammation indicators

Audio introduction to Hair Mineral Analysis -1 hour long

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what supplements you should be taking for your individual body chemistry

PLUS a Nutritional AND Mineral Balancing Programme, Analysis, Hair Chart, Consultation
Ordering and doing your hair test is quick, easy & non-invasive
We can arrange for the test kit to be mailed to your home in the UK, or emailed to you with full instructions if you are anywhere in the world.
From there you can simply follow the instructions and send off your hair sample.

Once the results are in, your programme and analysis are done including how your results relate to your symptoms and health problems and how to start to correct them with mineral and nutritional balancing, some targeted supplements and a often some immediate remedies. 
Heavy metals in the body and imbalances of minerals, excesses and deficiencies can cause dramatic affects in your health and energy.
Often this goes undetected for years until symptoms become hard to manage. 
Unlock your healing tool today - feel free to get in touch with any questions.

What is included


1 x HAIR MINERAL ANALYSIS TEST KIT AND FORMS with Analytical Research Laboratories (ARL) USA (your sample will be couriered to the US after you send it to the Edinburgh depot OR you can post it direct to the Lab in the USA.)


1 x ANALYTICAL RESEARCH LABORATORIES CHART plus 1 X UNIQUE HAIR ANALYSIS UK COLOURED CHART showing the levels of 20 minerals and toxic metals plus the main mineral ratios and plotted next to previous test results if applicable. 


1 x HAIR ANALYSIS UK HAIR CHART PLUS FULL ANALYSIS REPORT and NUTRITIONAL BALANCING VITALITY PROGRAMME. Your results are explained in an EASY TO READ FORMAT: 20 minerals and toxic metals tested, the ratios between them, one's metabolic rate, energy levels, BURNOUT INDICATORS, HIDDEN COPPER TOXICITY INDICATORS, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends, stress patterns etc.  The mineral levels and their importance are outlined and any related excess or deficiency.  Also included is your diet, detox recommendations, symptoms analysis as it relates to the results on the chart and supplement protocol based on your personal body chemistry, sensitivity and symptoms.  The supplements are explained as to what they do, you receive documents giving more information on aspects of the program plus recommended recipes, relaxation tips etc


CONSULTATION via skype or zoom for 45 mins with Cressida to go over the results or a recorded explanation. Also includes FREE ONGOING EMAIL SUPPORT for any questions while on your programme PLUS Whatsapp support options available. 

Adrenal fatigue, CFS, panic attacks
Lack of Vitality

Liver stress, kidney stress, constipation
joint pain
muscle weakness
heart issues, high blood pressure, cholesterol

Do you have any of these health issues below?
a hair mineral analysis test 


Brain fog, acne, 
psoriasis, hives,
Thyroid issues, gut issues, weak immune
Hormonal imbalances, heavy metal exposure
Fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety
ADHD, delayed development
Carbohydrate Tolerance & Blood Sugar Imbalances
Hair Loss, weight gain, weight loss
Candida, fungal
tooth plaque
h pylori

Poor Memory
Racing mind
Trouble Sleeping


Feel free to contact us to find out more or how we can help you.

Hair mineral analysis test

Hair Analysis UK

اختبار تحليل معادن الشعر

Using hair mineral analysis as a guide we can help people naturally deal and overcome PCOS, Weight Loss, Hypothyroid or Hyperthyroid issues.


I have been on the program for nearly 2 years now and Cressida has always been very helpful. She answers any questions you may have on the program via email very fast in her free time with no extra cost. Very professional, kind. Highly recommended!

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I cannot thank enough to my practitioner Cressida Elias . I was very skeptical about this program but this has changed my life. From being suicidal, anxious and depressed.I just wanted it to end. I went to so many doctors, naturopath, Ayurvedic doctors. I can’t explain what I didn’t do to take myself better but they only help so much and it really never got better. All those things only put a mask on the real problem. Then i found cressida, after being failed at everything i said it wouldn’t hurt to try and see how things goes. Also this was my last resort. It explained everything i had and i was feeling, i was so surprised a test can tell you about your thoughts and your characteristics. Its been almost 10 months now and i am off any medication, i have so much energy and i do not have anxiety and depression anymore. No blood test or any other test ever found anything wrong with me, every time i went I doctor i was disappointed to hear everything looks fine and results look okey its all in your head. I wish a lot of people were aware of this program which can actually save their lives. Supplements are expensive but they are worth every penny. BB

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I have now been on a nutritional balancing program for about 8 years, and the change has been remarkable. No more poor digestion, constipation, feeling cold all the time or fatigue. Nutritional balancing has given me back my life and I have found joy and happiness again! 

Amazing technology and probably the one that will save humanity due to it's accuracy!  sounds a bit of a heavy statement but the technology of nutritional balancing is a vital one and since i have been applying this my daily diet my body is changing for the better.  Although early days for me my digestion has improved and the constant liver ache I had has gone !!  very impressed but you have to stick at it !!  JE

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