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Nutritional Balancing Reviews

I was recommended to work with Cressida via a mutual friend of ours to help  my mother whom I have wanting to  help  for a long time and didn’t know how. My mother’s health has been heavily compromised for years! And to top it off she was recently diagnosed with early stages of Alzheimer’s. It broke my heart and not only has she had to deal with the recent diagnosis she’s dealing with her awful health issues also! The HTMA results revealed many things about what my mother which vitamins and minerals are missing .  A programme has been carefully designed by Cressida and Dr. Wilson together with good quality supplements  to be taking which she is adapting really well to.

She is making slow but positive progress. It will take a long while as she has been unwell for a long time. In December she could not remember the year she was born and how old she was going to be and now she can answer the questions when asked straight away!


My gratitude goes out to both Dr. Wilson and Cressida but above all to Cressida who has been amazing from the outset. Cressida is highly knowledgeable , diligent and very professional in her approach. Cressida is not in it for the money which I have found with many practitioners etc. Cressida genuinely wants to help her clients regain optimal health. I would highly recommend working with her.


The HTMA test has also been carried out by myself since I also have health challenges. I am starting the programme and really excited to see the positive results.  Thank you dear Cressida!

I cannot thank enough to my practitioner Cressida Elias . I was very skeptical about this program but this has changed my life. From being suicidal, anxious and depressed. Going through roller coaster 24/7, foggy/tunnel vision, palpitations, racing thoughts 24/7 , nightmares, sleep
Paralysis my life was a chaos and a hell. 
I just wanted it to end. I went to so many doctors, naturopath, Ayurvedic doctors. I can’t explain what I didn’t do to take myself better but they only help so much and it really never got better. All those things only put a mask on the real problem. Then i found cressida, after being failed at everything i said it wouldn’t hurt to try and see how things goes. Also this was my last resort. Paid for the test and was eagerly waiting for test then boom , it was a  like a god  saying to me i am here to save you finally. 
It explained everything i had and i was feeling, i was so surprised a test can tell you about your thoughts and your characteristics. Its been almost 10 months now and i am off any medication, i have so much energy and i do not have anxiety and depression anymore. No blood test or any other test ever found anything wrong with me, every time i went I doctor i was disappointed to hear everything looks fine and results look okey its all in your head. I wish a lot of people were aware of this program which can actually save their lives. Supplements are expensive but they are worth every penny. I can’t thank enough and it will never be enough. 

Thank you 🙏 BB, Australia


I came across Dr Wilson's programme by chance really, after a Google search as I was suffering from hair loss due to the menopause and stress.  I initially found the changes quite difficult to implement, but I gave myself time and I had been inspired by a previous testimonial.  I felt determined to give it my best shot.  I feel the programme heals on many levels, and I have experienced an emotional release as part of this.  I have less brain fog, feel happier, my mood is more stable and I feel emotionally stronger, oh and my hair quality has improved and has stopped falling out.  I was also pleased to receive the results of my second hair analysis which had confirmed I had made progress.  I feel very grateful to have come across the work of Dr Wilson , along with the input and support of my practitioner Cressida Elias, so a big thank you!  HP, London 

I love this programme, Cressida is really amazing, she is EXTREMELY patient, this is key for me because this programme can make you irritable and moody. She really understands how this all works and i trust her 100%. I had severe anemia and i have been 2 a medical doctor, a private doctor, 2 homeopaths and nothing handled me until Cressida got hold of me. The value for money is amazing, if you ask me it should be 3 times what is charged. I am doing so much better mentally and physically, i have a way to go still but the gains so far have been amazing. Please proceed with this with 100% confidence that it will change your life. CJE, London

My sister passed away from breast cancer over 2 years ago. She went out of her way to eat only organic foods for over a decade. She didn't have wireless internet, toxic chemicals in her home, etc. Yet, she somehow got sick and died. I was a bit confused over that for a while and all the while, friends and family drew their own conclusions that it must be genetic or there's no benefit of organic foods, etc. Even with all that, I never worried I would get cancer because I just knew I was healthy.


One day I got an email about something called 'The Truth about Cancer'. I didn't believe i could ever get cancer so I am not sure why I clicked on the link but I did. The mind blowing information in that docuseries changed my life forever. It lead me to NB in a round about way. After I got my initial hair test results I was in shock. At the time, I didn't know much about the hair patterns but I knew that '4 lows' and 'sympathetic dominance' were significant and bad patterns. Well, learning about my results was a serious wake up call. I had all the cancer indicators such as sympathetic dominance, 3 highs and high na/k which means high inflammation and a borderline calcium shell. I had several very poor and poor elimination of heavy metals. I also had extreme slow oxidation and low thyroid function which explained a lot of my symptoms. I decided to do the program 110%.


I didn't ease into the program like many do, I did it all from the start. I did the diet, full dose of all the supplements including full dose of all the optional supplements, at least sauna once a day, back to back coffee enemas with VCIs (vaginal coffee enemas), spinal twist and push down exercise. I also never skipped a meal. I took dried tarragon occasionally.


I got a Chi machine and ozone machine 2 months in and added in those. I also did daily skin brushing. I drank either fresh squeezed carrot juice or bottled organic carrot juice daily. When I got my re-test close to 4 months later I was not too surprised that I made some significant improvements. I was no longer in sympathetic dominance.  (My potassium level went from 4 to 8). I believe my chiropractor was able to greatly help me get out of that mode. I no longer had 3 highs and my na/k went to 2.5 which is the ideal ratio. I didn't need the hair test to tell me how great i felt compared to before.


My achiness, wired energy, negative thoughts, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances and insomnia, heavy periods, hair loss and cellulite all disappeared for the most part. I believe my sister would be here today if I found NB sooner so my journey is bittersweet. Interestingly, I have another older sister who is showing similar patterns with sympathetic dominance and high na/k. What I have learned from this journey is that there are so many more components to achieving full health than just diet and exercise alone. I believe my family's weakness is excessive worry and stress. We can eat healthy but we hold on to our emotions and stress which fuels inflammation and we know that inflammation is at the root of all illnesses. I believe Dr. Wilson's procedures - sauna, CEs, push down and Chi machine has really helped me reduce stress and helped in releasing negative emotions in a very subtle and gentle way. I am very excited to continue on this journey. As I've said to others, finding this program is equivalent to winning the lottery. I am so very grateful. Nanda S.

Many improvements

For the past 6 years my health gradually got worse, it started when I began taking birth control pills. I believe my body was already not in such good health and they knocked it over the edge.

I tried all kinds of “healing” methods during that time like vegetarian diets, raw diets, keto diets, juicing, fermented foods, digestive enzymes, chlorella/spirulina, and all different kinds of vitamins/antioxidants.

Even though my health was slowly getting worse it was manageable until about 2 years ago when things got drastically worse, I was experiencing constant panic attacks, extreme low energy, hot flashes, dermatitis, fainting, dizziness, heavy painful periods, vision problems, poor circulation, brain fog, joint pain and many more. I had dropped out of school at this point, and couldn’t hold down a job. I was in a lot of pain that I succumbed to even using strong painkillers at this point out of desperation for relief.

I was put on antidepressants and that seemed the best that could be done, they didn’t help at all. At 20 years old this was very disheartening.

A year and half ago I started a nutritional balancing program with my practitioner Cressida and for the first 6 months it was very tough, but things started to improve in giant bursts after that. I began working, I went back to college, and my anxiety attacks disappeared. Every symptom goes away one by one as toxic metals are eliminated and minerals are balanced. You will go through times of retracing and not feeling so great but after those hard times comes the biggest improvements. I can’t thank Cressida enough for helping me during these times. There is still a lot of work to be done but I’m so grateful to have found this program and I believe it has saved my life from any serious future problems had I not found it.

I have massive respect for the work Dr Wilson is doing, it is truly amazing and you’re a blessing to this world! Thank you all for everything!

Before starting nutritional balancing I was suffering from severe and uncontrollable panic attacks, chronic fatigue and general lack of wellness.  To my relief, after just a few weeks on the programme, my panic attacks went away.  I then started on the slow but steady road to recovery.  4 and a half years on I no longer suffer from anxiety and emotional issues, have the energy that I had as a kid back, and also have a feeling of wellness and peace within me more and more.  I continue with the programme because I just keep on feeling better the more I do and I am a completely different person than I was before I started.  I am more confident, sociable and happier.  I would recommend this programme not to just people who would like to heal an illness but also for people who would like to work on their wellbeing levels and take them to another height. JD

I have been on a nutritional balancing programme for about 1 1/2 years now. And have been detoxing heavy metals for 3.5 years. Since detoxing heavy metals my health has completely turned around. I had systemic candida which has now resolved, my dry eyes have improved substantially. I had a Morton's neuroma in my foot which has shrunk and I have been able to avoid surgery. The most recent scan has showed that it has shrunk. My body is healing at deep levels, this produces symptoms of healing. After the symptoms of healing stop- my health issue is resolved and does not return. I do have to put up with detox symptoms as my body is removing heavy metals and pathogenic infections that I didn't know I had! But it is worth going through it in order to overcome my health problems! I do daily coffee enemas and infrared saunas and these have helped to speed up my healing process. I do not know where I would be without my coffee enemas, they really help clear the detox symptoms. I would recommended nutritional balancing to anyone who has a chronic health problem and is still not getting the results they want. Nutritional balancing really removes the root cause of the health issue so that the body can resolve the problem. I had tried everything- medical and natural, and nutritional balancing is the only therapy that has worked because it doesn't just address symptoms. It actually gets to the root cause!. Sara.

I have now been on a nutritional balancing program for about 8 years, and the change has been remarkable. No more poor digestion, constipation, feeling cold all the time or fatigue. Nutritional balancing has given me back my life and I have found joy and happiness again! JM

Amazing technology and probably the one that will save humanity due to it's accuracy!  sounds a bit of a heavy statement but the technology of nutritional balancing is a vital one and since i have been applying this my daily diet my body is changing for the better.  Although early days for me my digestion has improved and the constant liver ache I had has gone !!  very impressed but you have to stick at it !!  JE

I am a 40 years old man living in Switzerland. In November 2018 I started to feel unwell. The symptoms included; weight loss, nausea, fatigue, insomnia (with panic attacks), feeling depressed, some anxiety, muscle pains and weakness etc. I was previously very active and fit, having trained in martial arts and yoga and there I have found myself struggling to climb to my second floor flat. Being by nature allergic to doctors and medications, I have avoided this path and instead I was led by an invisible hand to Dr Wilson`s website and my NB practitioner Cressida Elias in the UK. In the articles written by dr Wilson and available for free I have found plenty of potentially life (and soul) saving information. Above all, I have found a deep love and concern for human beings as well as compassion for our suffering and human condition in general. Some of dr Wilson's articles and opinions are very radical but nevertheless mind provoking and, as I believe, written with good intentions to wake us up in order to take charge of our health and our life. I really appreciate the writing about the Development as it resonates strongly with certain longing that I have felt inside of me for a long time. I find that the Development is the ultimate goal and a motivation to live a good life and to take as good care of myself (and others) as I can and to be all I can be. Otherwise what would be the point of all this struggle?

I have also listened to all the audio on NB by dr Wilson I have found, such as, The Pushing Down Exercise or the Introduction to NB. Apart from having found those materials very informative, I enjoyed listening to his voice which for me, reveals his care, compassion, love for his fellow human beings; all the qualities of a real doctor as meant by Hippocrates.

Today, after 14 months of starting the Nutritional Balancing program, I am feeling very well, my retests are showing a significant improvement and I am very happy that I am doing it. TZ, Switzerland

I am really enjoying doing the program I feel the vitamins have really helped. I have only done one enema so far which went well but now I need to start doing them regularly as I know this will speed up the detox program.
Cressida is great to talk to she is a wealth of knowledge and always answers every question throughly. I never feel like our conversations are rushed she spends time listening and explaining everything so that you really understand what's going on in the body. I would recommend to anyone who wants to improve their health to do this program.

I had a lot of problems after having 3 kids with fatigue, then poor sleep then terrible sugar level fluctuations - I was hypoglycaemic (actually from my 20's) and ended up not being able to eat anything without worrying about sugar levels - giving up carbs made me lose weight rapidly but I had no energy and then I became so sensitive to carbs I couldn't even have was a terrible time...this and stress and other detox methods and supplements that didn't work had me in bed unable to walk - if i sat up my heart was beating so fast i had to lie down - I was out of breath.  The local doctor told me he couldn't help me because my blood tests were 'normal'.  After a lot of research I knew it had to be adrenals and thyroid and I took natural bovine adrenal and thyroid tablets and random vitamin and mineral supplements.  I got better but after a year I wasn't satisfied with the progress nor with not knowing exactly what was wrong and whether I should be taking a different supplement.   I found nutritional balancing and I knew this was it. The Hair testing would work out what I lacked and I could follow a properly organised programme with supplements I needed.  This programme is so comprehensive it handles your symptoms in the order the body prioritizes and I've retraced and detoxed slowly but surely and my mineral levels etc have gradually improved ...I've had so many wins - what is better so far after 1 year?  My sleep that was so awful has settled down and going to bed is now not a traumatic event of worry and juggling natural sleeping supplements - I love my bed!  My sugar level which rocked up and down all day has finally settled and is responding to a good diet.  My energy has increased so I don't have to stay in bed half the day and can get a full days work in, and the pain in my arm I kept getting from inflammation or poor circulation has almost gone, panic attacks (I couldn't go anywhere alone and I panicked about panicking) and fear of many things has gone as my minerals, sugar level and nervous system have started to balance and I've got rid of some toxicity. I have felt brain fog clearing on several occasions and a happiness and hope that I haven't felt since I was in my 20's (20 years ago).  I have a long way to go but I know I am on the right road and for that I am grateful to Dr Eck for his genius and persistence in working out this technology and Dr Wilson for modernising this method and making it accessible to anyone. CCE

My husband and I were eating a lot of take out food and drinking wine and we knew we weren't healthy. He then got sick and I found Nutritional Balancing to help us both. I've had a lot of toxic metals dump out through the hair (we both had a lot of mercury because we ate a lot of fish) and I've had many wins and dumped other metals that were affecting my health and emotions. I've been on the program since the end of 2011 and am still dumping toxic metals as seen on my hair tests. EF

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  • Allergy & Environmental Sensitivities: "When I did all my allergy testing last month, my MD doctor was so impressed with the nutritional balancing program because my results were absolutely amazing compared to years past.  We talked for over an hour about the program.  He was very impressed." - A.H., California

  • Feeling Much Better: "This morning, as I was going through my daily healing ritual — coffee enema, making chicken bone broth for the week, chopping veggies for the day and juicing — I became overwhelmed with this amazing feeling! I have taken my health into my own hands! I have empowered myself on such a deep level. I know what it is to heal and how amazing our bodies are. Yes, we can heal!"- S.K., California


  • Healthy Pregnancy: "We had our baby! My delivery went really well — he's nursing like a champ and growing so fast! We had a healthy little boy, I am so glad I found out about nutritional balancing while pregnant; I am sure my baby is much the better for me eating meat and tons of cooked vegetables and taking those supplements. You know, since starting the program, I haven't been sick once! My pregnancy was so easy. I had lots of energy and a great mood all the way through. I had no baby blues afterwards and was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight three days after delivery!"- E.C., Canada

  • Morgellons, Brain Fog, Bipolor: "During the first month, I began to notice my fingernails dramatically improve along with my energy level. My concentration improved and my brain fog began to dissipate.  I noticed my "menopause pot belly" began to go away along with my cellulite after a couple of months to my fascination and delight!! My head was shaved due to the sores on my head from the Morgellons. The sores began to go away and within 4 months were completely gone!! My hair started growing back extremely lustrous and shiny and thicker than it had EVER BEEN with no gray!! I was both amazed and ecstatic!! This program definitely works for me!!” – K.P., USA

  • Pregnancy, Brain Fog: "I discovered Nutritional Balancing when I was four months pregnant. I’m 23, but struggled with spaciness, feeling ‘zoned-out’, and brain fog. On the program, these problems disappeared almost instantly. Once I added in the supplements, my energy really improved.  I had such an easy pregnancy with no problems at all. When I weighed myself a week after his birth, I was back down to my pre-pregnancy weight and my energy was great again. Before starting the Nutritional Balancing program, I had always struggled with chronic dry skin, cravings for carbohydrates and sugar, excessive fatigue, constipation, and feeling constantly cold. After only several months on the program, these problems have almost completely disappeared. I also have not gotten sick once since starting the program!" - E.C., British Columbia, Canada

  • Prostate Cancer gone: "I began a nutritional balancing program 18 years ago when I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had been to Europe and elsewhere with little success. Now, at age 80, the cancer is gone, my teeth are healing and actually filling in, and I feel like a man of about 40.  I take care of a large home, inside and out, and have energy to spare.  I stay on the nutritional balancing program because it appears as though I am getting younger, not older."- E.F., Arizona

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