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Childrens and Teens Programmes

A talk by Dr. L Wilson on how nutrition affects behaviour and emotions and how hair testing can reveal what nutrients are missing or are in excess in the cells and how these can be balanced
Dr. L Wilson talking about how allergies occur and how Nutritonal Balancing can help handle the causes

Children are not exempt from nutritional depletion, stressed out adrenal glands, hidden toxic metals (many of which are passed in the womb from mother to child) and unbalanced body chemistry. In fact, many behavioural problems, allergies, fatigue, poor immune and other symptoms and illnesses are now being recognised as related to low levels of minerals and distorted hair mineral patterns in children and even babies.  This is seen in Nutritional Balancing Science on a regular basis and more so in the last 20 years.  Correcting a child's mineral levels, eliminating toxic metals etc, clearing their biochemical energy pathway and balancing their metabolism provides sustained vitality and strength both physically and emotionally.


Dr Paul Eck, pioneer of Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Mineral Analysis, coined the term burnout babies some 40 years ago, meaning malnourished babies with high toxic metals and toxic chemicals. Modern farming methods ensure that food is depleted of minerals and even if you ate organic, the mineral levels within the food are not the same as 100 years ago or more.


Common foods today are modern hybrids (foods such as wheat and even fruit that are bred for mass consumption not nutrition) and perhaps genetically modified. More plants are grown on the same acre of land and the trace minerals are not replaced. Most are fertilized with NPK superphosphate fertilizers that stimulate plant growth but upset the plant's uptake of nutrients.


Many children are being diagnosed with a behaviour or learning disorder that does not necessarily end when the children grow up – just renamed as delinquency etc or other social anxiety problems. Instead of treating the symptoms, Nutritional Balancing seeks to address the cause of these problems which are most commonly nutrient deficiencies, toxicity from toxic metals, chemicals and even biounavailable minerals.  


When the mothers and fathers become malnourished, which is almost universal today, their bodies absorb more toxic metals from the air, food and water. This is how nature works. The toxic metals such as lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury, aluminum, nickel, and certain forms of copper, iron, manganese and others act as substitutes for the vital minerals that are in short supply. This just compounds the problem. All of these toxic metals are passed directly from mother to unborn child through the placenta.  If the mother has it, the baby has it, too - seen on hair tests today.  Not helping the toxic metal situation is the over-use of vaccines particularly when they are combined together.  Most contain aluminium and some still contain mercury. However, this can all be unravelled.  


Very briefly, supplementing with the right nutrients in the right ratio to each other, and increasing nutrient consumption through good nutrition, can very much help these children who cannot think clearly, do not develop in the healthiest ways, and often are plagued by various diseases. They experience ear infections from birth, autism, attention deficit problems, learning disorders, allergies, delayed development, failure to thrive symptoms, birth defects, odd syndromes, and hundreds of other problems.

To provide the healthiest future for children into adulthood, a hair mineral analysis will discover what nutrients are needed to balance their metabolism and create vital energy which will in turn, make them capable of achieving so much more.  

Children's biochemistry is easier to correct than an adult's and takes less time - between one and two years whereas most adults although their symptoms disappear a lot sooner in most cases, need to spend more time correcting their mineral balance, eliminating the years of toxic accumulation, chronic infections, getting rid of poor quality tissue and peeling off the many layers of adaptations the body has made to compensate for when the body has been ill, depleted, taken drugs of any sort including antibiotics, and various biochemical and environmental stressors etc.

The best advice we can give here, is to start your programme and your child's programme as soon as possible as many children on these programmes have overcome their learning difficulties and problems such as those within the autistic spectrum by detoxing and strenghtening their bodies. 

Taken from Dr Wilsons website - testimonials

John, age 8, began a nutritional balancing program due to a diagnosis of autism.  His main symptoms were withdrawal, poor speech, trouble with toilet training, and overall developmental delay.  The symptoms began shortly after a vaccination at age 2.

            John had visited many doctors, including two certified DAN (Defeat Autism Now) doctors, with little improvement.

            John’s first hair test showed a four lows pattern, indicating significant nutritional impairment and exhaustion.  This pattern cleared out after about six months on the program.

            Real improvement occurred after about 1.5 years on the program.  It has now been 2 years on the program.  Many toxic metals are being eliminated, and John’s symptoms are all improved.  He completed toilet training, his development is catching up to his peers, speech is much better, as is his ability to concentrate and do tasks.  Thank you! 



My daughter (14 years old) was severely injured by a Gardasil vaccine two and a half years ago. She started having seizures, migraines, fainting, compromised immune system, tachycardia, extreme pain in her head and spine, weakness, memory loss, and her digestive system became mostly paralyzed.

She is diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Thachycardia Syndrome), E.D.S (Ehlers DanlosSyndrome), Hoshimotos Encephylopathy, Gastroparesis and a seizure disorder. 

I started speaking through Regina Renken and was helped TREMENDOUSLY with her and Doctor Wilson's help.  They did a hair analyses to see exactly which heavy metals were at toxic levels and which ones were at optimal range for proper body function. 

After finding how toxic my daughters tests were, we started a plan for detoxing the toxic metals safely and slowly to help my daughter to heal and expel the metals that were at dangerous levels.  She has been on the plan for 3 months now and in the 31 months since her injury, I have seen more improvement with this plan than any of the pharmaceutical drugs.

Regina has gone above and beyond to help me save my daughter and I am beyond grateful to see such a drastic change in my daughters pain level. One of her other symptoms was a complete loss of taste and smell which have returned to her in these past 2 months!

I have seen my daughter smile and have less pain than she has had in over 2 years.  This is not a small deal to us. My daughter is disabled but I actually see help for recovery now. I feel she has a chance for complete healing at her rate of improvement at this point.


The main reason I started was to help my little boy who had severe silent reflux and colic since birth.  He was waking up to 10 times at night and I was getting hardly any sleep.  I started the diet when he was 10 months old and could only tolerate the supplements for about a week, but that was enough to kick start my body working again.

My Sons Improvements:

Less night wakings due to wind or gas (from 8 to 10 times waking up at night down to between 1 and 4)

Less clingy and more outgoing.

More alert and aware

More happy and content

Eczema has mostly cleared

My Improvements:

Less brain fog

More motivated 

Less days depressed (linked to my cycle) and not getting so low

Waking up more rested, muscles less tense

Less leg cramps

A better ability to know my physical limits

More stamina throughout the day

Better BM and less of a tendency to constipation

I have lost stubborn weight and am back to my pre-pregnancy weight

Started to write, have a little capacity for mental creativity

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