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LEAKY GUT SYNDROME and how to handle it.

fix leaky gut

We believe in Nutritional Balancing that most people have some leaky gut syndrome almost all cases its caused by improper diet. How do we know this? Because when a person follows our diet the intestinal tract tends to heal and symptoms slowly recede. What food contributes to leaky gut? Food chemicals, wheat , fruit, raw salads, too much meat, no meat, poor eating habits such as no chewiing, eating on the run, eating too fast, eating while driving etc. What are the symptoms? Stomach pain, diarrhoea, constipation, food allergies, malnutrition, SIBO, inflammatory conditions etc. Regarding the lastest scare that there are micro particles of plastic in bottled water....these have been found also in packaged food, tap water and sea salt...even in the air! Basically you will come into contact with this problem somehow. If you fix your gut though the body will deal with these particles the same way any undigested matter.

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