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Are we all deficient in calcium?

(Source; healthscope newsletter)...Dr Hans Selye state that the ageing process is intimately associated with the deposition of calcium in the various body tiissues...due in part to a loss of protective vitamins and mienrals and an imbalance in the normal metabolic rate. Normally calcium is kept outside the cell. Calcium may be thought of as cement...because it has a solidifying effect on the tissues of the body. A large majority of our hair analysis results show high tissue calcium levels. When an individuals metabolism slows down, calcium levels increase in the soft tissues. Calcium is essential for life but if it builds up in the soft tissues it accumulates around and within the cells so that normal nutritional exchange becomes reduced. This also reduces the ability of the cells to retain moisture. A magnesium deficiency relative to calcium may also be responsible for the soft tissue deposition of calcium. Calcium acts as a dehydrator which increases the rigidity of the is also affected by lowered metabolism and calcium build up - less growth and dry brittle hair. The endocrine glands aff

ect the calcium levels in the body - it is important to maintain these glands in order to slow down the ageing process. These glands are highly dependent on proper nutrition for their normal function and are also affected by stress and emotional factors. Slow oxidation (lowered metabolism) is the result of both adrenal and thyroid glands decreasing their normal activity. This lowers sodium which is responsible for keeping calcium in solution in the body and prevents calcium depositing in the soft tissues. With this problem you get symptoms of both calcium and magnesium deficiency, mixed with symptoms of mineral excess as well. See next post for symptoms. In nutritional balancing we give everyone a particular calcium and magnesium supplement because everyone is deficient ....high hair levels are a loss and low levels are deficient. When stressed calcium magnesium and zinc are the first minerals to get depleted. See natural food sources above

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