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Health and Wellness Coaching.

What is Health and Wellness Coaching and who is it suitable for?

We guide people through the different stages of change to reach a higher level of health and wellbeing.
A health coach is a change agent. Health Coaches provide the right kind of support, encouragement,
and challenge to help people make critical lifestyle changes aligned with their health and wellbeing goals.
Health Coaching is for anyone who..
• Wants to make a change in their lives and ensure they are setup for success
• Wants to make a change in their lives and also kind of doesn’t
• Wants to make a change in their lives and isn’t sure how to get started
• Has tried to make a change/new habit and not been successful yet
• Has been told they should make a health change but isn’t sure if they want to or how to begin
• Working with a Functional Medicine Practitioner and would like some more support through the
• Feeling stuck in life and/ or health
• Wants to make a change easier, more enjoyable and feel more achievable
Health Coaches have an in-depth understanding of Functional Medicine, nutrition, testing, recommended
diets, supplements and any treatment plan that your Practitioner might suggest for you, so we can
support you through the learning curve of life changes that come with improving one's health.
All sessions take place online via zoom.

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