Allergy and Intolerance Blood Spot Tests

Finger blood drop test using IgG4 and IgE antibodies



This advanced ELISA test technology analyzes a small blood sample against the most common allergies and anaphylaxis to give you accurate results in approximately one week.

Easy. Easy-to-use testing kit (sampling kit) is available when ordering analysis and includes complete instructions on how to complete sampling (pin pricking) and blood stain sample. After that, the sample is sent back to our laboratory in the United Kingdom, where it is tested against elements of sensitivity and anaphylaxis.



If a client experiences undiagnosed symptoms, including flatulence, rash, migraine, stomach pain, diarrhea or vomiting, these could be signs of an allergy or intolerance (severe allergic reaction).

The laboratory we use is very modern and certified to ISO 9001 (ISO certified). It uses the latest testing equipment, which is unmatched across the allergy testing industry, and is supervised by a team of experts and qualified technicians.

the report. The results are then generated in an email report, which includes a comprehensive explanation of the items tested and levels of intolerance (intolerance), as well as whether you have an allergy to these items.

The blood allergy and intolerance test for 70 items (substance) costs £ 190 with translation of the report